Survive a monstrous masquerade in Night of Nights, navigating a perverse carnival where suffering is a prize and maladies are sought out as novelties -- particularly by the non-human upper crust, to whom they're mere curiosities or satisfying itches to scratch. A small selection of activities to take part in:

  • Choose an exquisitely crafted mask!
  • Woo a mysterious stranger!
  • Have your fortune told!
  • Participate in an auction!
  • Contract leprosy!

But that's not all, fair reveler! There are even more activities to discover beyond the gates of the Mascherata. You have been invited to carouse among peerage and poverty,  pundits and pariahs, merchants and mendicants. Who are you to them? Who are they to you?

No one, that's who. Once you have donned the mask, it will make you anew -- and it will not come off so easily.

Night of Nights is a carnivalesque text-based exploration game featuring directional navigation, an inventory system, NPCs, multiple endings, and 13000+ words overall. Though the game takes inspiration from some Italian Carnevale traditions, the setting itself is a fictional pastiche that in no way reflects real life, geography, or epidemiology.

Made for ECTOCOMP 2018 (Le Grand Guignol).

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