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Amazing, thank you so much I was lost thinking where put css code and you helped a lot with this. It is really an amazing grimoire thanks


Thanks for the helpful resource! By the way, I really love the font that you used for the cover page. What's the name of the font you're using?

Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying the Grimoire! The title font on the cover page is Bodoni MT.

Oh cool, thanks!


THIS !!!


I've waited so long for this! I'm stoked to read it.

Thanks so much for your patience, I hope this volume comes in handy for you!

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You can put this in Javascript section to remove SugarCube’s default UI sidebar completely:



You're right! This is a more efficient solution than the one listed. (I actually use this myself, but it slipped my mind while proofreading.) Thanks! I'll update the file ASAP.