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Well, I have a new fear now

At some point you just want to wear safety goggles everywhere and hope for the best

Absolutely stunning use of Bitsy graphics. I have no idea how you did these transition effects, but they're suitably bewitching to this unfortunate account! I hope your curse gets lifted sooner than later. Please apply cucumber as needed.

Thank you! The room transitions are actually built in to the current version of Bitsy now, and they're a ton of fun to play with. I'm glad they vibe well with the rest of the game!

(And I think you're right about me having a mild curse. Thanks for hoping for the best!)

The last several frames/rooms are so hauntingly beautiful, I LOVE it

Thank you so much!!! I really enjoyed creating them!

This is autobiographical body horror and I love it


You're extremely not wrong and I'm glad you love it!

I'll pray to queen bee that your eyes may live on unstung for decades to come. 

THANK YOU. I need those good vibes.