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Thank you so much for making & sharing this incredible resource!


for someone like me, whos wanted to make stuff in twine for a while and , fruitlessly attempted to make something before, this is really helpful. so, thank you. i hope i make something soon with this newfound knowledge hehe


Ahhh this is really helpful!!! I was able to understand Twine quickly :) Thanks a bunch!


Thank YOU, I'm so happy to hear that! Wishing you the best with your future Twine projects!


Is this still compatible with the most recent twine version?

Yes, thanks for asking! Though there have been updates since this was first published, you can still follow these tutorials with both current versions of the SugarCube and Harlowe formats. This was published before the latest Harlowe update, so it doesn't cover the new toolbar that may simplify some aspects of these tutorials (like changing text colors and background colors in specific passages), but the information in this PDF should still be usable.


This is very helpful! I'm sure I'll learn a lot of things from this! Thank you!

I'm so happy to hear that! Thank YOU.

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Hi, thanks a lot for this! Really looking forward to starting with Twine with this. Gave on Patreon as I don't use Paypal either.

Thank you so much for your support! I hope this will be helpful for you as you're getting started; let my know if you have any questions as you're working through it!


Really nice work on the Grimoire. Thanks for including instructions for Harlowe! Gave at Patreon instead of here, since I don't use PayPal. Peace.

Thank you so much for the kind words and for your support! Really glad you found the Grimoire helpful.


YAY! Been looking forward to this for a while now! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!!

It's my pleasure!! So excited to hear you were looking forward to it!


Yess!!!! Thank you!! I'm gonna the read the shit out of this!!! <3

Thank YOU!!! I'm so happy this is useful to people!